NLI Churches

This page is dedicated to churches currently in the NLI program. If your church is interested in NLI, please visit our ABOUT page for more information and our CONTACT US page to get in touch with the program directors.


NLI Terms:

Cohort – A fancy name for a group of churches or clergy who enter NLI in the same year. Cohort 1 began NLI in 2016. Cohort 2 began in 2017. As NLI is a multi-year process, there are multiple groups in the ministry at the same time.

Delineating cohorts should help in decoding a calendar that is shared by up to three cohorts at a time.

Mentor – Each NLI church has an NLI mentor. The mentor is with the lead pastor and church throughout the three year NLI ministry. The mentor is a guide, coach, teacher and more.

Innovation Weekend – Towards the end of the first year of NLI, a church will host a weekend consultation. During this weekend NLI leaders (district staff and NLI mentor) will come to listen to the church’s leaders, staff and attendees. At the conclusion of the weekend, the NLI team will craft a report listing the congregation’s strengths, challenges and suggested innovations for future vitality.

Clergy Peer Learning Group – This group can be considered phase 1 of NLI. Lead pastors of NLI churches meet together on a monthly basis to learn and discuss ministry together. Groups are facilitated by district staff and often have outside guests for teaching.

Break Through Prayer – a prayer regularly prayed by the entire congregation on a daily basis (sometimes at the same time) for the Holy Spirit to break through in the life of the congregation.

Ministry Focus Event – Ministry Focus Event (MFE)  is an meeting held at each NLI church some time  during their process. During the MFE, churches get a new perspective on the areas of their church life that connect, care, and disciple. The goal of the MFE is to help start a conversation about the current missions & ministries of each church.

Cohort 1

For information and resources specific to churches in Cohort 1, please visit the Cohort 1 page. (These are churches who entered into the pilot program in 2016.) Cohort 1 participants are: Fairlington, St. Matthew’s, Old Bridge, Galilee, Sterling, and Trinity.


Cohort 2

For information and resources specific to Cohort 2 (began summer of 2017) please visit the Cohort 2 page. Cohort 2 participants are: Burke, Calvary, Centreville, Clarendon, Sydenstricker, Warrenton, Leesburg (Winchester District), and New Song (Richmond District).

NLI Logos

NLI Churches are welcome to use the NLI logo for publicity of NLI meetings, events, and innovations weekend. Official NLI logos can be found here: